We are looking ahead at the Spring 3D season for the Youth Program. We are hosting an S3DA shoot on April 22nd and are in need of a whole new Delta McKenzie brand 20 target course to make this happen.  As part of the fundraising efforts, we have put together a clothing and hat sale through Custom Ink.  All of the proceeds will go towards getting these targets.  
Here is the link for you to be able to review, order and share with your own friends and family.  


The order will be open from now through Monday, February 13th at 10pm EST.  All payments are processed directly on the Custom Ink website, so no need to bring money to class along with an order form. Everything will go directly through them. 
You will have the option to pay additional money for your items to be shipped directly to your house, or you are more than welcome to have them sent to me for free.  The items will ship at the close of the fundraiser.  Once I have received them, I will let you all know, and I will bring them along to the next monthly meeting (probably March, but I’ll confirm once I get the exact delivery date from the order shipping), sorted and ready for pick up.  If for some reason other arrangements need to be made for pick up or if you have any other questions, please reach out to me either via email or my cell phone at 610-781-7911. 

Thank You Again,
Bethany Gerhart
Marketing Trustee & Youth Program Coordinator