Mission Statement
To provide the resources necessary to foster youth athlete development across all types of archery, encompassing all disciplines within the sport.

Who We Are
Limerick Youth Archery Association, Inc., a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Corporation, is an extension of the Limerick Bowmen, Inc. archery club, which has been around since 1956. Since inception, the program has been designed for success.  Our coaching staff includes a hand selected group of archers who have completed the S3DA and/or USA Archery Coaching Certification classes. This group of coaches have collectively decided the best way to give back to the sport that has given them so much, is to foster the growth of archery within the next generation. Our coaches are all volunteers, which means all of the proceeds from our classes go straight back into the program and our club, Limerick Bowmen, Inc. 

Our Head Coach, Gary Gerhart, oversees the entire program from the beginner class to the competition team.  He brings with him over 30 years of experience within the sport, competing at not only the local and state levels, but also the national level himself.  During his time competing, he has had the opportunity to shoot professionally, winning himself multiple State Championships, ASA Tournaments and even the Cabela’s Circuit. He truly has a champion mindset, and is able to share his invaluable experience with the kids in our program.

What We Do
Here at Limerick Youth Archery Association, Inc., we strive to help your child maximize their potential within the sport of archery, whether that’s to be able to safely shoot a bow while enjoying a new hobby with family and friends, getting out in nature to have a successful archery hunt, or even to be able to compete with archers nationwide in one of the most competitive organizations in the country, the S3DA ORGANIZATION. Our coaches are here to help you and your child reach their goals.  

We offer introductory classes that will take your child on a journey to learn first and foremost, the safety of the sport, along with an introduction to each of the three disciplines with a lots mini games and fun nights mixed in to keep them interested and wanting to come back for more.  The Competitive Team Practices are more detail oriented, and will include theory as well as focusing more on one-on-one instruction to allow for improvements to help your child be competitive within the S3DA organization. 

If your child is completely new to the sport of archery, wants to learn something from a structured class or just have some fun shooting their bow, then the beginner class is for them. It is open to anyone ages 8-17, and it runs on a 10-week cycle. CLICK HERE for the latest registration form and instructions.  

If your child is interested in taking their love for archery to the next level to begin competing, reach out to our Program Coordinator, Bethany Gerhart, via phone at 610-781-7911 or email at bethany@limerickyoutharchery.org to discuss the program further. 


  • Will I need to supply my child with equipment? – Yes. Because bows are made to fit the individual, we do not supply any archery equipment.
  • What equipment will my child need for the class? – You will need a bow, arrows (at least 3, but we recommend 6 at minimum) and a release (unless you are shooting a recurve style bow).
  • What types of bows can my child shoot during the class?  - Your child will need a Recurve or Compound Bow. We do NOT allow crossbows.
  • Where can I purchase this equipment? - Weaknecht Archery is a shop we’ve worked closely with over the years and highly recommend. The staff there are aware of our youth classes, and they can work with your budget to help find the best bow for your child. Be sure to mention Limerick Bowmen sent you so they can help guide you towards the most appropriate equipment for the class. ***We do not receive commission on any purchases. We have simply built a great relationship with them over the years. They have what we’re looking for, and they have always treated us fairly and with respect.*** The same goes for Lancaster Archery.  This is a great shop for anyone looking to upgrade or get target and/or 3D competition archery equipment.  This store has a wide range of products for all types of archery.  You will need to know a bit about what you’re looking for when heading here.
  • Do I need to preregister my child for classes? Yes. Due to our limited space indoors, once each session is opened for registration, we ask that you please get both your registration and payment back to us as soon as possible to ensure your child has a space held for him or her. 
  • What if my child is unable to attend one of the classes during the session? We ask that you simply reach out to bethany@limerickyoutharchery.org to let us know prior to the start of the class that you will not be able to attend.  We also ask for all of our participants to please try your best to be at the first class.  This is extremely important, as we will be reviewing all of the safety information at this time.  If you are unable to attend this class, you MUST reach out to Bethany Gerhart who will work with our head coach to determine the best action plan is in place upon your return to ensure everyone’s safety. We do not have makeup classes built into our schedule.
  • My child has a disability or Medical Condition. Can he or she participate? – This is purely situational. Our head coach will review each individual circumstance with the parent or guardian, either in person or over the phone, to determine if the class will be safe for your child and everyone else participating. ***We do ask: if your child has any type of medical condition, allergy or disability that may impact the safety of the class, that you PLEASE reach out to us to discuss this prior to the first class.  The majority of the time, simply being aware of a situation or condition will allow our coaches the opportunity to look for cues that may help to prevent any potential situations that may arise during the class. Good communication will help everyone succeed!
  • Is there food or drink available at the club? – Yes! We typically have a dinner option as well as a variety of snacks and drinks available for purchase at all of our Monday night beginner classes. If we will not be having food for any reason, we will be sure to contact all of the parents/guardians by email ahead of time. We also have a vending machine in the clubhouse, which is stocked with water, tea and soda options.

Contact Us
Board of Directors
Executive Director:  Bethany Gerhart, bethany@limerickyoutharchery.org Phone: 610-781-7911
Chief Operating Officer: Jim Hale, jim@limerickyoutharchery.org
Program Director: Gary Gerhart